Congratulations to Dr. Ha Bui who recently passed his Ph.D. defense!

Ha’s research has focused on theoretical foundations and methodological developments to enhance spatiotemporal resolution in Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) of nuclear power plants. The executive summary of Ha’s dissertation can be found here:

The SoTeRiA team members are very excited about Ha’s achievement and look forward to continued collaboration and winning for many years to come!!  Special thanks to Ha’s Ph.D. advisor, Prof. Zahra Mohaghegh, and other Ph.D. committee members, Prof. Hadi Meidani, Dr. Luca Podofillini, Dr. Seyed Reihani, Prof. James Stubbins, and Prof. Rizwan Uddin, for their guidance, insights, motivation, and kind support throughout Ha’s Ph.D. journey.

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