Congratulations to Research Assistant Professor Tatsuya Sakurahara for receiving the George Apostolakis Fellowship from the International Association for Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management (IAPSAM)!

Left Dr. Curtis Smith, Middle Dr. Tatsuya Sakurahara

This fellowship ( is intended to honor an individual with demonstrated potential to be one of tomorrow’s leaders in the advancement of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA). The Apostolakis Fellowship honors Prof. George Apostolakis (on the right in the foreground in the above photo) for his contribution to the science of risk analysis as well as his vision, energy, and guidance generously given to IAPSAM. The George Apostolakis Fellowship is awarded to an “early career” individual who is active in the field of PRA.

As the fellowship winner, Dr. Sakurahara (in the center in the foreground of the above photo) participated to the PSAM 16 Conference in late June 2022 in Honolulu, HI to receive the award.

“The competition this year was very high, but Tatsuya’s background and dedication to the field of safety and risk was judged to be an exemplary demonstration of the spirit of the George Apostolakis Fellowship,” said Dr. Curtis Smith, PSAM 16 General Chair and the Director for the Idaho National Laboratory Nuclear Safety and Regulatory Research Division (on the left of the foreground in the above photo). See the full story here:

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