John Beal

Title Undergraduate Researcher
Department Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering

John is in his Junior year of the NPRE program at UIUC, and has previously taken NPRE 461 (Probabilistic Risk Assessment) and is currently taking NPRE 498 (Advanced Risk Analysis).

During these two courses, John has pursued his research interests by conducting research in the field of PRA.  In the 2018 Fall semester, John investigated the current practices of Fire HRA for the Main Control Room Abandonment (MCRA) scenarios of nuclear power plants. Potential gaps in the current methodology were investigated, with hopes to improve the realism of the analysis of this scenario. During the 2019 Spring semester, John has been working on a project related to NPP piping reliability analysis. The results of this project can be used to improve the design and maintenance program of Reactor Coolant Pressure Boundary (RCPB) components of nuclear power plants.

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