ZiHui (Katt) Gu

Title Ph.D. Student
Department Illinois Informatics Institute

M.S. Candidate at University of Illinois College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Science

J.D. Candidate at University of Illinois College of Law


Kat Gu received her Bachelor’s Degree in Earth, Society and Environmental Sustainability with a concentration on society and the environment from University of Illinois College of Liberal Arts and Science in 2013. After graduation, Gu decided to pursue a higher degree in the field of environmental science and she became a master’s student in Natural Resource and Environmental Science in spring 2014. She was then admitted by the University of Illinois College of Law, beginning her studies as a joint degree student in fall 2014. Gu is interested in promoting coordination among administrative branches, the scientific field and the public regarding the resolution of massive environmental problems.

Gu will graduate from the joint degree program in May 2017 and start her PhD in informatics in fall 2017. She joined the SoTeRiA team in spring 2016, where her research is focused on risk-informed decision making and risk-informed regulation.

Email zihuigu1@nospam594d63a1b322a.illinois.edu